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The Bachelor's program Biodiversität at UZH
You can study the Bachelor's program «Biodiversity» at UZH as a mono-subject (180 ECTS), as a major (150 or 120 ECTS) in combination with any of the UZH's minors, or as a minor (60 or 30 ECTS). The completed Bachelor's degree with mono or major «Biodiversity» entitles you to apply to the consecutive Master's program «Biodiversity».

Basic studies (1st + 2nd year)
The basic studies include lectures, exercises and practical courses. In addition to basic scientific and mathematical knowledge (analysis, stochastics, chemistry, physics, genetics, behavioural biology), you will receive an overview of the organismic biodiversity of microbes, plants and animals in the first year. The second year focuses on in-depth modules in various areas of ecology and evolutionary biology. In addition, quantitative methods (programming and data analysis) are learned. The study program is enriched with excursions, internships as well as elective modules or a minor.

Advanced studies (3rd year)
The advanced studies consist of a wide range of block courses, field courses and special lectures. Research-based learning in small groups is encouraged. The choice of courses, the Bachelor's thesis and the professional internship allow for individual in-depth study.