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Career prospects after a Master's degree in «Biodiversity»

The degree program prepares students for later work in both scientific and social environments. Interacting with politics, society and the economy, you will identify key points, break down complex issues, mediate and accompany processes and initiate action. Possible fields of activity include:

  • Scientific activities, e.g., doctoral studies, research and teaching at universities or other research institutions (e.g., Eawag, WSL, Agroscope).
  • Work in administration (e.g., FOEN, FOAG, cantonal offices), in nature conservation organisations, environmental consultancy offices, zoos and museums or foundations such as Grün Stadt Zürich and in the private sector in national and international companies. Work in public relations and communication, project management and coordination, consulting and environmental education.
  • Training for a higher teaching qualification in biology at secondary and vocational schools.

For more information about career prospects go to the official website UZH Career Services.