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Differences from the study of «Biology»

The study program «Biodiversity» and its subsequent Master's degree offer students a broad science-based education in biodiversity sciences, ecology, evolutionary biology and environmental sciences. The emphasis is on a process-oriented understanding of organisms and their habitats, as well as the teaching of knowledge in organismic biology (e.g., knowledge of species).

The study programs «Biology» and «Biodiversity» have some common modules and content overlaps in introductory studies (e.g., basic natural science subjects mathematics, chemistry and physics), but there are clearly different emphases within the programs: the study program «Biology» is thematically more focused on molecular and cellular biological processes. The study program «Biodiversity» covers organismic biology, ecology, evolutionary biology and environmental sciences in greater depth. In addition, a stronger emphasis is placed on interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary topics such as sustainability (Sustainability Studies).