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Part-time study

The study program «Biodiversity» is planned as a full-time study and the regular curriculum corresponds to full-time employment. In case of employment elsewhere, the study program can be extended according to the intensity of the secondary employment. The basic study program «Biodiversity» can also be completed as a part-time study program. Students can decide each semester whether all the planned modules or only some of them are booked (i.e., whether the study/semester is completed full or part time). For the planning of one’s individual timetable, the sequence of modules needs to be taken into account:

EEE 1xx before EEE 2xx
BIO 11x before BIO 12x vor BIO13x
CHE 170 before CHE 172
MAT 182 before MAT183 before BIO 134 and BIO 144

Attendance is compulsory for the block courses in the subject studies, from Tuesday noon to Friday afternoon (usually 08:00-17:00) for a block of 3.5 weeks. Students pursuing part-time studies must take this block structure into account.

Is it possible to start study in the spring semester? It is strongly discouraged to start the study of «Biodiversity» in the spring, because the basic knowledge is taught in the autumn semester and utilized during subsequent semesters. There is no loss of time if one does not start until the following autumn.