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Studium Biodiversität

Admission & Enrollment


All students with a suitable Bachelor’s Degree (e.g. Biodiversity, Biology or Environmental Sciences), including courses in biodiversity and related fields, and with good command of English can apply. Students already matriculated in the "Biodiversity" Bachelor's program at UZH can enroll without the need for a formal application to the Central Admission Office.

More information about the admission to Master's Program at the University of Zurich you can find here Admission to the Master's Program

Process to get the Master's degree in "Biodiversity"

Register for MSc program either register via semester enrollment or apply to UZH

  1. Contact your supervisor
  2. Choose the courses
  3. Complete the Learning Agreement
  4. Take the chosen courses and the compulsory module EEE520
  5. Write your Master's thesis EEE500
  6. Apply for the final degree MSc

Further details about the program you can find here: Factsheet EEE Master (PDF, 93 KB)