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Studium Biodiversität

Mono and Major

The Master's program in Biodiversity, whether pursued as a mono or major study program, encompasses a total of 90 ECTS credits. In addition, students have the option to complete a minor worth 30 ECTS credits. In both cases, students begin their studies with coursework, including elective modules tailored for Master's students, which account for 15 ECTS credits. These elective modules are selected from elective groups 2 and 3, as specified in the Guide to the Study Program Biodiversity. Additionally, students have the option to select elective modules from the full range of courses offered at UZH and ETH, contributing 5 ECTS credits. As part of their coursework, students also enroll in the compulsory module "Integrated Knowledge in Biodiversity" (EEE 520), which contributes 10 ECTS credits. Following the coursework phase, students move on to the core component, a 12-month Master's thesis, which accounts for 60 ECTS credits. Typically, the Master's thesis is undertaken on a full-time basis.