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Studium Biodiversität

Program goals

Graduates of the MSc in Biodiversity are able to:

  1. Recognize and discuss the scientific basis of global and local issues in the thematic area of biodiversity and environmental science,
  2. Independently identify a current research topic in the field of biodiversity science, ecology, evolutionary biology, behavioral biology or environmental science for a scientific project,
  3. Fully implement a research project (planning, data collection, analysis, writing a scientific paper, presentation of this paper),
  4. View biodiversity and environmental topics from different interdisciplinary perspectives, such as social sciences, economics or humanities,
  5. Comprehensively comment on current research directions in the field of biodiversity and environmental sciences,
  6. Develop methodological approaches to answer research questions,
  7. Independently collect, evaluate and interpret data,
  8. Critically question the validity and reliability of the data and methods of their own and other studies,
  9. Successfully position themselves in the academic and non-academic environment with the acquired skills.